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WDC E-News May 2012

Wir gratulieren!

Das Präsidium des PTVÖ gratuliert recht herzlich unseren drei PTVÖ Mitgliedern zur Vermählung.

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... und natürlich auch unserem "Auslandsösterreicher" WDC GenSec Hannes Emrich, der vor Kurzem geheiratet hat.

DancingStars 2012

Einige Impressionen von der ORF DancingStar Staffel 2012 (© BBC).

WDC News - April 2012

02.11.2010 - Press Release of the DPV , the German representative of the German WDC member to the Dancesport Committee

German Professional Dance Sport Federation e.V. (DPV) finishes membership in the German Dance Sport Federation (DTV)

In the meeting of the Main Committee of the German Dance Sport Federation e.V. (DTV) the German Professional Dance Sport Federation e.V. (DPV) declared its withdrawal from the DTV. The DPV felt to be urged to take this step because of the actual situation in the policies of the Dance Sport.

In 2000 the DPV had joined the DTV as a „Federation being responsible for special tasks". Both national federations belong to different world federations, that means, the DTV belongs to the International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF), the DPV belongs to the World Dance Council (WDC). For a long time this fact has not had disadvantageous consequences on the cooperation of the DTV with the DPV.

This year the IDSF has decided to establish a „Professional Division" (PD), that means to act in competition with the WDC on the field of Professional Dance Sport. Moreover it is the intention of the IDSF not to allow IDSF/PD-couples to take part in tournaments of other Dance Sport Organisations (particularly of the WDC and its national federations). On the other hand, couples who are not organized in the IDSF/PD should not be allowed to take part in their competitions.

The „Präsidium" of the DTV informed the „Präsidium" of the DPV on these intentions in August, as well as on the fact, that the DTV feels to be urged to activate this concept of the IDSF in Germany now, and that they also intend to realize it.

One topic of the agenda of the Main Committee of the DTV for the meeting from October, 29 th - October 31st is: „The DTV joining the IDSF Professional Division". With this step the DTV begins to realize its intention.

Considering this situation the DPV can't possibly realize its statutory aims as a member of the DTV any longer. Continuing the membership is therefore no longer logical. Thus the withdrawal from the DTV, which Rudi Trautz, the DPV-Vice-President, declared, was indispensable.

Statement of DPV on 29th of Oktober 2010

On the 24th of August 1968 a tree of peace was planted in Enzklösterle (Black forest) by the Presidents of ADTV and DTV. The amateur organization of the ADTV was integrated into the DTV. In the year 2000, the DPV became a member of DTV responsible for all Professional Dance sport in Germany.

In August 2010 in Stuttgart, the DTV informed the DPV that they were creating a Professional Division inside the DTV and IDSF. Hereby the DPV declares its withdrawal from the membership in the DTV. The Presidium of DPV is expressing its disappointment about the actions taken by the DTV. In difficult times and under great financial loss, the DPV went together with the DTV from Mannheim to Stuttgart. As we find out now, this was a grave mistake.

17.12.2010 - Open Letter from New Zealand ...

11.10.2010 - Open Letter from our Bulgarian WDC Member

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